Photography Related Links

Stargazers Lounge
A fantastic forum for showcasing your astro images and giving and receiving advice on imaging and equipment.
Photographers Direct
Photographers Direct - stock photography images

More of my images available here!
Warehouse Express
If you've got some money to spend you'll definately spend it here.
Wildlife Watching Supplies
If you need to get close and remain hidden this is the site you need.
British Dragonfly Society
Loads of infromation on these facinating creatures.
Equipment Advice for Beginners.
This is a camera retailer in the US but they do have some very useful information for those just starting out in photography on the equipment choices available, and how this will differ depending on the types of image you want to take. This link was provided by one of my viewers, a community club in Montana.
Premier Ink
The names a little misleading as these guys sell loads of photography gear at a great price.
The Mammal Society
Researching British Mammals and loads of information for the photographer.
The Weather Channel
Need to know if your going to spend a week warming back up. Try Here!
Getty Images
Quality Images From The Worlds Greatest Photographers
The Wildlife Trusts
With reserves around the UK your never far from a wildlife haven.