(Contains 24 photos)
Latest Work portfolio For the benefit of my frequent visitors I have set up this new Gallery. All new images submitted to the site will be displayed here initially before going on to a specific Gallery.

(Contains 98 photos)
Mammals portfolio A selection of images highlighting the diversity of the wildlife from the British Isles, from mammals to birds and insects.
(Contains 85 photos)
Birds portfolio The Birds of the British Isles
(Contains 56 photos)
Macro portfolio Here you will find images taken with a macro lens such as insects.
(Contains 52 photos)
Landscape portfolio Hopefully, you will see the number of images in this portfolio increase over the coming year. As well as images from my favourite places in the UK I would like to create some stunning images of my home county Nottinghamshire.
(Contains 11 photos)
Flora portfolio The plants and Fungi of the British Isles
(Contains 198 photos)
Sports Photography portfolio
(Contains 19 photos)
Leia's Gallery portfolio Inspiring Photography from a young photographer following in her dads footsteps!